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 is a health and specialty food distributor whose adaptation of the marketplace model is building an industry-first ecosystem of high-quality smaller manufacturers and buyers from UNFI’s customer base. The manufacturers gain wider distribution and the ability to connect more with their local stores, the UNFI customers gain additional selection, and UNFI adds a scalable differentiator to its Easy Options portal.

In this session, we will learn why UNFI decided to build this marketplace, how it is benefitting their customer experience, how Adobe Commerce integrated with Mirakl forms the backbone of this platform, and what advice our experts have for others seeking to launch a marketplace. So join UNFI marketplace leaders Tom Kraus and Amy Spain, Adobe’s Senior Director of Commerce Strategy Peter Sheldon, and Marketplace Best Practices author Tom McFadyen, CEO of McFadyen Digital, to learn the why and the how of the UNFI Community Marketplace.

Key Takeaways

  • How UNFI added strategic value to their commence portal with an online marketplace
  • Why this marketplace platform benefits the customs, sellers, and UNFI themselves
  • How Adobe Commerce integrated with Mirakl forms the commerce core of the Community Marketplace
  • What lessons learned and top tips are recommended for those considering a marketplace of their own